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From $20k to $25 Million: The Chris Gray Story

In this engaging episode, Tyron Hyde sits down with property investment savant, Chris Gray. The conversation traverses Chris's impressive $25 million property portfolio, delving into his unconventional investment strategies that defy traditional norms.

Ten with Ty with Veronica Morgan


Veronica Morgan, founder of Good Deeds Property Buyers and co-host of "The Elephant in the Room" podcast, shares her insights on property investing and the mistakes investors often make. She emphasises the importance of making sound decisions, understanding risk, and focusing on quality assets. Veronica also discusses the value of holistic advice and the need to look beyond location and data when investing in property. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Property investors often make the mistake of overemphasising location and neglecting the importance of asset selection.

  • Relying solely on data can limit investors' understanding of a particular area's nuances and potential risks.

  • Stretching oneself financially without considering long-term implications can lead to forced property sales and missed opportunities. 


  •  "If a property is easy to buy, it potentially could be hard to sell."

  • "Good decisions are pretty boring. It's understanding fundamentals and making solid decisions."

  • "Recognise risk and where risk really lies. The risk is in the asset you buy."

  • "Investors often stretch themselves too much financially, forcing them to sell a good asset."

Ten with Ty with Serial Entrepreneur Dale Beaumont


Dale Beaumont, CEO of Business Blueprint, shares his insights on investing and success in this episode of Ten with Ty. He emphasises the importance of choosing the right life partner as a key investment and discusses his work-life balance, which involves working for two months and traveling for one month. Dale also talks about his passion for creating jobs in the Philippines and his goal of providing 10,000 high-paying jobs in the country. He advises young people to invest in their education and shares his personal investment strategies for different stages of life. Dale believes that success is about having control over your life, maintaining good health, making a positive impact, and nurturing strong relationships. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose your life partner wisely as they can greatly impact your happiness and success.

  • Investing in education is one of the best investments you can make for long-term success.

  • Start investing in property and shares early to take advantage of compounding growth.

  • Self-managed super funds can be a tax-efficient way to invest in commercial real estate.

  • Losing money is a part of investing, but taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes is essential for long-term success. 


  • "My best investment has been choosing my life partner." - Dale Beaumont 

  • "Invest in yourself and your education. If you can invest up here, you can make millions." - Dale Beaumont 

  • "Success is about control, health, impact, and strong relationships." - Dale Beaumont

Steve Palise

Tyron Hyde interviews Steve Palise, a property investor and author, in the first episode of his podcast series, "Ten with Ty." They discuss various topics related to property investing, including Steve's background, the benefits of investing in commercial property, and the importance of leveraging and time in building wealth. Steve also shares his best and worst investment experiences and advises young investors. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the legacy Steve wants to leave and the definition of success.

Jane Slack-Smith Part 1

Jane Slack-Smith, a property expert and mentor, discusses the mindset of successful investors and the importance of understanding the stories we tell ourselves. She shares her best and worst investment experiences, emphasizing the value of buying the best property in the best area and the importance of diversification. Jane also provides advice for young investors and those inheriting a significant sum of money. She encourages finding passion, investing in personal development, and prioritizing long-term growth. Overall, Jane emphasizes the importance of mindset and trusting one's intuition in the investment journey.

Jane Slack-Smith Part 2

Jane Slack-Smith, a property expert and mentor, discusses her legacy and the impact she wants to make in the world. She shares stories of her experiences volunteering and helping others, and how she hopes to inspire intergenerational change. Jane also talks about her definition of success and the importance of having the freedom to live life on your own terms. She advises aspiring investors to focus on how investments contribute to their overall goals and to be open to opportunities. Finally, she explains the Trident Strategy for property investment, emphasizing the importance of understanding the market, adding value, and focusing on long-term growth.

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