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Ten with Ty Questions

TEN with TY is a platform dedicated to uncovering the keys to success. Through interviews with some of the influential leaders, in the space of investment, property and entrepreneurs.


All guest will be asked the same Ten questions as we offer an inside look into their stories and how they achieved their successes.


We’re passionate about providing an inspiring and informative platform for people to learn and grow. Join us on our journey to uncovering the ten key elements to success and making the most of each one.

New podcast will be available monthly.

Be apart of the podcast

Ten with Ty Podcast Questions.

Question 1.  What has been your best investment?  

Question 2. What has been your worst investment? 

Question 3. What’s the most valuable investment advice you’ve received?

Question 4.  What’s your ideal portfolio mix? 

Question 5. How would you invest $20,000 as a 20-year-old?

Question 6. You've just turned 50 and have no money but recently inherited $500,000 - How would you invest it?

Question 7. What would you tell your 20-year-old self about investing?

Question 8. What legacy do you want to leave to your family or community?

Question 9. What does success look like to you?

Question 10. Warren Buffett is quoted as saying, "Rule number 1 - Never lose money - Rule number 2 - Never forget rule number 1"


As an investor, what’s your best strategy to NOT lose money?

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